Every lyric and song by the singer/songwriter P.J. Andersen deeply reflects her undeniable passion and love for God. Touring all across the country gives P.J. a platform to express the Gospel to those she comes in contact with. Her mission is being a servant, and it is greatly reflected in her focus in life, God and people. It is something that she loves to do everyday. P.J. says, “We have been called to love, be servants, and to spread the gospel.”       
     P.J. found her calling after reaching a very low point in her life which led her to surrendering to Christ. She was forced to give up the things she once knew, and God showed his love by blessing her life with peace and a purpose to live for him. P.J.’s own vocal range was greatly expanded, and she met her husband Kris after giving her life to Christ. They both share the same goals of glorifying God, reaching the lost, and comforting those who need strength.
     P.J.’s singing career had its roots in a veterans home where she would sing to the ones she feels are “forgotten.” She took a small cd player in order to sing for a friend, and a few moments later, she had a large audience. Word spread and P.J. began singing at homes all around. It was there she could truly love God by serving and loving those residents she came to deeply care for. In Nashville, she recorded her first CD titled Gone specifically for those she became close to in the homes. There, she met Rick Schweinsberg, who first challenged her to write her own songs. Her first response was, “I’m not a songwriter. I’m a singer.” P.J. was stirred spiritually to begin seeking God’s help in writing. A year later, her next CD titled I Want to be a Witness had songs only written by P.J. That is why P.J. easily connects and relates with each of her songs. The words come straight from her heart. Each of her songs allows audiences to be blessed and encouraged by her own life story. It was also the first time her songs were released to radio. 
     Walk Worthy is P.J.’s third and latest album release. P.J. says that her radio single, also titled “Walk Worthy,” speaks of being filled with God's love and walking worthy of the calling He has given to all Christians. "The Bible is very clear about serving others in need. That is a calling He has given us all. We have a work to do here on earth, but our reward will be in Heaven someday."

    Along with singing and songwriting, P.J. enjoys speaking at Women’s Conferences across the nation. She has been privileged to uplift and meet so many women whom she could share her struggles and learning experiences with. P.J. has been truly blessed to be able to reach and connect with the people at each event she has been a part of.

For bookings Email: pjandersenmusic@gmail.com

This Is My Husband Kris He Is A Retired Captain With The City Of Aurora Fire Dept After 40 Years Of Service He Retired And Now Is A Big Part Of My Ministry.


Here Are Some Pictures In Honor Of His Service To The People Of Aurora I Love You Kris And Thanks For All You Do.

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